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As assortment of watch batteries.Most batteries used in watches today are silver-oxide or lithium batteries, of which there are over 100 in use. The shelf life of a battery is the same as its useful life. Watches are so efficient that they use very little energy--compare this to getting 500 miles to the gallon in a car. 

It's better to replace a watch battery before it's completely dead rather than waiting for it to expire in the watch. Most batteries have a useful life of 18 to 24 months, some can last as long as 5 years, depending on the watch and its features. Replacing a watch battery every two years is a good practice. Many modern watches also have an end-of-life indicator.

Battery installation includes the battery, opening and closing the case, greasing the crown and case back gasket, and setting the watch to the correct time and date when applicable. Most batteries are replaced in 3 to 5 minutes while the customer waits. Some watches may require special re-calibration for advance features which may require the watch being left. Further inspections to the clasp tension, band links, pins and screws, and spring bars are included. Also included is the disposal of your dead battery in a "Green" manner. There's no implied warranty or guaranty on the length of the life of a battery. Refunds when warranted are made with a coupon for a free battery.

A watch batter inside a watch movement.BATTERY TIPS

1. Don't pull out the crown to stop the watch in an attempt to prolong battery life. This doesn't work and can harm the watch.

2. Be careful about storing watches with dead batteries as leakage may ruin the watch.

3. Don't purchase batteries before you need them.

4. Dispose of watch batteries properly and don't just throw them into the garbage.


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Installation Fees


A deluxe battery installation is required for high end or advanced watches requiring additional time for case backs held with screws, or special opening/closing or setting/calibration issues. This includes water resistant watches, sport digital watches, oversized, chronograph, and high-end watches, such as Cartier, Concord, Ebel, Gucci, Movado, etc. This includes all watches using Lithium batteries. NO DISCOUNTS ON DELUXE BATTERIES



These are for basic watches
with simple movements. Time-only watches or those with simple calendars, snap backs, or standard-sized screw-backs not requiring special equipment.

Additional Regular Battery charges:

$7.50 second battery purchased at the same time.

$5.00 third battery and any additional batteries purchased at the same time.

We don't overstock batteries, so you should plan to leave large orders for later pickup.

We only use date-coded Renata Watch Batteries
a superior Swiss-made product used by the majority of manufacturers.

Batteries replaced
while you wait.

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